Accountability & Transparency

As an organization, we have underscored the importance of transparency and accountability as a critical tool for the effective and efficient functionality of all aspects of our national life.

We understand that the power to be accountable and transparent lies with heads of government institutions and public servants. However, what we do at Tap Nitaitive is to ensure Citizens put pressure on the government and public servants to be more accountable and transparent. We do this by carrying out public enlightenment campaign and empowering communities with requisite knowledge to demand good and accountable government.

One way we do this is to hold periodic Tweet Meets and Debates with political parties, government agencies and anticorruption agencies.

We also carry out research that exposes retail corruption in public institutions. An example being the research titled, Corruption Victimization Survey in Primary Healthcare Hospitals within the FCT, Abuja that we undertook earlier in the year. See report.