Our organization in partnership with Nigerian Fallen Heroes and PLAY Network is carrying out humanitarian activities to cushion the effect of State lockdown in Abuja.

We are also cognizant of the fact that, as the days go by, the humanitarian crisis will escalate. People who have been forced into State isolation will run out of food supply. These may lead to more deaths, robbery and other forms of crimes for survival. Therefore, we as an organization are putting together a food bank, which will be used to drive raw food to 1500 households. We estimate an average of 6 people per household, totalling 30,000 people, invulnerable and poor communities around the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and Nassarawa State every 2 weeks. Our target areas are; Lungi Barracks, Police Barracks, Gwarimpa, Bwari, Kubwa, Nyanaya, Kabusa, Gwagwalada, Karishi, Mpape, Apo and Kuje.

Our plan is to be able to feed 30,000 (thirty thousand), people. Our calculation is to reach 1,500 households of 6, with the following food items

a). Rice
(b). Garri
(c). Sweet Potatoes
(d). Salt
(e). Maggie
(f). Palm oil/Groundnut oil
(g). Milk
(h). Sugar
(i). Tea
(j). Tomatoes Pepper
(k). Atargu
(l). Onions
(m). Indomie
(n). Meat

We have the capacity to move around to pick up food items. So, call any of our numbers for pickups. You can also donate to us via the following account numbers:
Account Name: Tap Project Admin
Account Number: 1017099553
Bank Zenith Bank

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